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No Cry

2007-11-08 15:34

I thought I'd be updating every odd day, but sometimes I think it's silly – life doesn't wait for it to be 1+2n (n is an integer >= 0).

Nothing in particular has happened. Just, I look at the art, and I think “I used to be so much better.” I think it could be because I drew all the time 3 years ago – because I was angry, because I felt like a victim, like some stupid stray dog people love to ignore.

Now I'm all girl (being noticed as a cute[ish] one, too, that's nice) – struggling still, as all humans do, to find a better place, a better state of mind, happiness, peace. And I've been drawing so much less, except for Avatar, but then it's less personal, less emotional, and somehow less satisfying – you've seen my comments about me apologizing for my art (I've wanted to for EVERY strip) when it's bearable, if not decent.

One of my most loved pieces – that I've EVER done – was back in the angry stage. It was a long period, and that art was everything I thought I wanted to be. I had claws, like Parasite Eve. And I was going to use them to stop people from getting close.

I don't identify with it as strongly as I did.

But I love it still – and I probably always will, since it was a part of me.

The art is still lovely, too. Except for her thighs, they're huge, but so are mine…


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