2008-09-23 17:54

This was a story that Erin and I were doing a while back, but it never really picked up. It could, there’s always that possibility, but for now it’s being shelved. Once in a while I’ll get to updating this gallery, because I do like my characters.

Alexandra in a hallwayAlexandra, Wednesday's childMax, bandagedAlexandra with clawsErin with wingsAlexandra, SparkleAlexandra in SparkleAlexandra and Erin, angel and demonAlexetherineErin, butterflyErin, a studyRowan and Tristiana, earsMax's faceAlexandra and Max cosplayAlexandra and Demitrius play with each other's ears


Random Lineart

2008-09-16 17:48

Art done through tablets or ink!

Sketch of an eyeKara, Lawful Good PaladinSelf Portrait in Hogwarts



2008-09-16 17:48

These are not serious images of Avatar. Just little products of my demented/sleep-deprived/bored mind.

Oh man am I sleep deprived



2008-08-22 09:14

Based off the role playing game. Our group is pretty epic.

Isolde SketchIsolde - Power of IceNobilis Divi take 2Nobilis Mobius - The Power of ForcesNobilis DiviSketch of Nobilis Divi


Old Drawings

2008-08-14 20:12

Old stuff! Whoo!

Hard Candy, female Vash!


Random Sketches

2007-12-20 15:41

Things I apparently didn’t feel need to be colored. Though there is a lot to say about the dynamics of the pencil. Black and white can tell a whole other story.

Alexandra and Divinya, beachwearFalling



2007-12-20 15:29

Yeah, I like exclamation marks. This story was supposed to be “We’re Not Schizophrenic!”, a very simple and yet convoluted tale of finding yourself. Except literally.

Andara and IsaacIsaac grinningAndara, Eli, selfAndara the MonsterAndara the Monster with a bazooka


Random Colored

2007-12-20 12:49

It’s just how it is, folks, images that are colored that don’t really fit in anywhere, because they’re crossovers or otherwise.

Some Cute Naked GirlFanart - Bellatrix Lestrange and Luna LovegoodTianneAlexandra and Divinya in summerWell, duh!Erin, Self, DG at HogwartsGirl at a bar



2007-12-20 12:18

This is where Divi was born. Honestly, this story was a continuation of Trigun, and then I just stopped Mary Sue’ing, for the greater good. Divi, however, will continue her life in Avatar because I’d hate to lose a character that represents all I’d love to be.

Divinya as an angelAllenia and ospreyDivinya, sprinting gazelleDivinya, kneeling doeDivinya, dark horseDivinya, prancing foalDivinya and Miranda, lostAllenia SoulhavenVariusDivinya, hopingDivinya with a giant poppy flowerDivinya, the protectorateDivinya in a dressDivinya, gun ablazeDivinya, guns whippin' out19 year old Divinya