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Growing up

2007-11-19 04:49

You know, one reason I like blogs is because I can go back into the past and see how I've grown. Sometimes I make amazing revelations, most times I just comment on how life sucks. I get into the state of mind where you think it's your RIGHT to be depressed, where no one else can possibly understand what I'm going through, that no one even CARES even though I know I have at least 2 people in the entire world that would shake me gently and say “Get out of this funk, Lani, you're getting stupid.”

The first post says I dumped textpattern.

Now that I actually UNDERSTAND what it does… well, I'm going back to it. No regrets, I've flirted with the systems many times, and only actually exploring what it does do I understand in very crude terms what it's capable of. It's a lot like my other trials in life. I just need to get some experience and not be afraid to try the motherfucker out, and something useful happens.

(God, I sound like such a girl back in the early days, which was in FUCKING MARCH. :ouch: )


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