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2007-12-04 14:36

I feel bad for posting something I shouldn't have.

Opinions that weren't mine – I posted that without permission. That's the only thing I feel bad about, though.

It leads me to say, though, that people have a right to reject whatever they want for whatever reason. It's a right, because it's a choice, and everyone has a right to have choices.

But all I want is for everyone to think for themselves. Words are malleable, they change meaning over time. I've changed often enough in this very blog, and it's only so many months old. If I say something stupid and people draw connections to some OTHER site, what difference does it make? I'm allowed to have an opinion. I'm not out to make people feel bad. I'm out to let you all understand what I know, what I believe, what's right and wrong in my sense of the world. That's all, I'm not here to force my opinions on you.

All I want is for you to think for yourselves. I'm just providing my perspective because it's all I have.


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