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Fortune Telling

2007-12-24 09:44

Maybe it was yesterday, I don’t remember, my parents, my grandmother, my brother and his girlfriend went out to see a fortune teller.

Don’t ask me why, my mom and grandmother are superstitious and I guess it was just for fun for the rest of them. But everyone had their fortunes told, even for me when I wasn’t physically there.

It’s sort of a cute story for my brother. He was supposed to get his future read first, but then the lady psychic said “No, I’m going to have to check out your girlfriend first, to make sure you two are all right.” I’m sure that was sort of unsettling.

They seemed to work out just fine, though. In Chinese astrology they’re both dogs, so the psychic said “You two will be beside each other for a long time.”

She said my mom would get into a car accident, which is another thing we’re going to be looking out for. 2008 will not be good for my Dad, apparently.

For me, I’m not truly going to be happy until I’m 22. She said that from the ages of 17-19 I’d be at my worst, which I suppose is true. I’m 20 now, but that change was very recent. She said I’m lucky, and that no one needs to worry about me because I’m set to be lucky (in the good way) for life. And beyond anyone’s expectations (my own included), I’d become some doctor.

We’ll see about that last part.

The psychic mentioned something about late April to mid May being my best months.

I’m wondering, isn’t that when I met Jay?


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