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Typed, Cast

2007-12-30 17:52

I’d rather type than do the strip for Avatar right now.

There are plenty of reasons, see post below about freaking CAR ACCIDENT. Also, I spent 3 hours working on a panel I didn’t like, only to have it be saved wrong (color information in the wrong layer, fuck).

Complain, blah blah bitch I-wish-I-could-say-something-important, life sucks, I’m so emo, please pay attention, why are you such ASSHOLES, Jesus I’m sorry please give me love, wait you’re too close, talk to the hand, don’t go far!

My relationship in a nutshell: Jay, I’m sorry. You don’t want me to be sorry? Oh, I’m sorry!

Sarcasm. Ha ha, witty remark, what’s up with you? Oh, that sucks, life sucks, you suck, we all suck! The world’s going to explode, the sun’s going to eat us up, and it’s ALL OUR FAULT. GOD HATES US.

Jesus loves you!

Don’t say that! Blasphemy.

But it’s true! Mmm necrophilia. He’s not really dead. But he’s also not alive. He’s in our hearts? He’s in our HEADS. He’s on my mind, he’s the spirit in the sky, he’s everywhere but nowhere we can see him. He’s the “right” thinking, that love and trust can bridge worlds together. That trust in being “better”, making the world better, will make you satisfied. What IS satisfaction?

Can you trust people? What are words? Can you understand everything? Does it matter? What’s inside of you, what’s inside of me, is there anything there or are we all just making shit up?

Believe me, I’m just as crazy as you are.


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