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Train Wreck

2008-03-19 18:56

It’s amazing how many thoughts go through my head. It’s almost as if I really AM schizophrenic at times – mostly because these angel/demon-on-shoulders type murmurs keep popping up when I don’t feel particularly upbeat.

For instance, I’ll give you a paraphrased transcript of what happened at say, 10 pm, as I was wrapping up my studying.

Me: Man, this sucks.
Demon: You can’t do this, you can’t possibly begin to understand it.
Angel: What are you saying, “can’t”? You all ready have it all in you, you just have to organize!
Demon: But you can’t organize! You’ve all ready spent most of the day trying to figure things out, and where are you now? Nowhere!
Angel: That’s not true. There’s been plenty of learning going on.

Me: WTF.

Also, I have been listening to like, 9 songs of Sarah Mclachlan (in the geeky remixed versions available!) for these past few weeks. I do that, get obsessed with particular voices and messages.

Three songs are standoutish, of the 9 I’ve currently allotted myself. Links to the lyrics are thus:

Train Wreck
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy

When taken in that order, and analysed with Lani Logic™, you get something oddly optimistic. But they’re not always in this order.



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