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2008-03-25 18:34

You know what I want to do? No?

Well let me tell you.

I don’t either.

Well, to say that I guess isn’t true. But for this very moment, I am lost in a world of decisions. Do I do this, should I do that? I should really do this but am I even mentally capable of it? Should I drop this class so I don’t have to drive to Irvine on Fridays? Or do I rough it out and take it even if it’s not something I want to do, just so I can “finish early”?

Do I tell him that I’m lonely or does that sound too needy?

Does it even matter?

All these questions, so very few answers.

There’s only one thing I want to do at this point. Besides write this, of course. I’ll see you in the morning.



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