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2008-04-28 18:37

It’s probably a good sign when I’m playing the same song over and over (and over and over) again.

I do this with songs/bands I’m instantly obsessive about. This is rare.

One such group is called the Shanghai Restoration Project. I’ve been clicking on their Myspace, Download.com, and especially Last.fm for their songs. I was even tempted to buy it (STILL am), and being the extreme cheapskate I am, that’s a huge compliment.

Babylon of the Orient is probably the best known, and for good reasons. Better than myspace!

I’m just amazed someone could pull off the mix well. And if you didn’t know what the mix is by now, it’s Shanghai Jazzy electronica.

It works.

Really, really well.

edit shoot, I just realized that the page I linked to doesn’t actually work :(

edit 2 Works now. Yay last.fm!



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