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Winding Down

2008-05-30 15:10

I haven’t posted recently, I guess. Not that there’s been that much to do.

I’ve been futzing around with my system, as per usual. I’m rather promiscuous when it comes to distributions – I really don’t care what it is, as long as it’s stable and up to date. Ubuntu was one of those. Debian (I tried it for at least a week or so) was one of those.

Ubuntu was great. I loved it for 2 years, more or less. But there was somewhat of a downhill trend since Fiesty, when I totally loved Ubuntu. Gutsy was all right, but eh, then Hardy didn’t seem to change much of anything, not under the hood as far as I could tell. It came with more and more software, which is pretty cool to the average user, but when am I average with my computer?

Debian was pretty smooth. Installation hiccuped a few times, but it was mostly due to my ghetto ass CDRW. Wireless was a pain in the ass for every distribution I’ve tried so far.

That being said, my history with *nix so far:

Next on my list is Gentoo. And if I don’t like Gentoo, I’ll be trying Freebsd. *nix for the win.

Why not any other distro? Honestly, I think they’re all the same. Running the same desktop, running essentially modified kernels (specific patches blah blah blah). I’m sticking with the Debian-like packaging, because Fedora and Red Hat were weird.

I hear wonderful things about Gentoo and Freebsd. Not exactly newbie friendly, but I’m willing to take the chance. They just seem different from the rest of the flavors out there.

Man, this was boring to write. I don’t think I’m that much of a *nix fan, it’s just an OS. But it’s free, and it’s fun to poke at things, hose systems and find out “So, that didn’t work”, make things look absurd and test my integrated graphics to its limits with eye candy I can’t ever achieve with Windows. Working with the command line to compile gives me the possibly false hope that one day I’ll be able to code little stuff.

But it’s just an OS. I crash nearly all the time, my system is just unstable because humans are coding, errors happen, my art and whatever I’m writing can get wiped out in an instant but I just start over like I should and try again, because I just want things to work.

I just want things to work. To work the way I want it to.



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