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2008-07-15 13:05

Maybe it was an impulse buy, maybe it wasn’t, as I’m guessing Jay and I have been talking about it ever since I showed him my simple, white tablet, the cheapest and most common about 3-4 years ago. My dad got that for me, because I asked, and really, it made my day 3-4 years ago.

Well, it’s been acting up lately, in both Debian AND Windows. The sensors haven’t been picking up that my pen has left the tablet, and so there are lines and squigglies that… I didn’t draw. Same goes for erasing.

It didn’t help that I dropped my computer on it’s side, where the tablet was still connected to the USB port. I’m great at accelerating damage. Oy. -_-

So, just about yesterday, we were talking about the best tablet – the kind with the LCD monitor attached. Like a tablet PC, except for artists. (I’m totally not hardcore, by the way). And then we (he) decided to get it.

A wacom cintiq 12wx is going to land on my doorstep on Thursday.

And I’m going to savor every bit of it.

I know it seems like I’m probably taking advantage of my boyfriend’s generosity. Maybe I am, I tried to say “I can stretch out the life of the little tablet I have now for a while longer”, but that really didn’t hold much water, because I wanted one, and because he knew I wanted one, and because he wanted me to enjoy doing my thing more than please me by buying expensive gifts (‘cause that actually doesn’t work with the twisted gift guilt logic I have), and I wanted to make better art for him. We’re the kind of couple that tries to go beyond material things, though we’re both computer nerds in different ways.

In other words:

Lani: I’m anxious in this, I’m sure anyone would be, but I’m not so much excited in getting it as I am anxious to see if it’ll live up to your standards. Or rather, that I’ll live up to your standards o_o

Jay: My standards? o_o My hope is it pleases YOU. :P

I’m going to take pictures of the unboxing, and sketching.

And I’m going to make it worth every penny.



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