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Thank you, Dr. Salk

2014-10-28 10:19

Two important things to note, and I totally just took this from wikipedia:

The presentation was numbing, but the results were clear: the vaccine worked. Inside the auditorium Americans tearfully and joyfully embraced the results. By the time Thomas Francis stepped down from the podium, church bells were ringing across the country, factories were observing moments of silence, synagogues and churches were holding prayer meetings, and parents and teachers were weeping. One shopkeeper painted a sign on his window: Thank you, Dr. Salk. ‘It was as if a war had ended’, one observer recalled.

1. We should applaud all proven vaccines.

Those who would prevent its use must be prepared to be haunted for life by the crippled bodies of little children who could have been saved from paralysis had they been permitted to receive the Salk vaccine.

2. We can apply the same damnation to people who don’t vaccinate for “lesser” viruses.


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