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Oh Lordy

2007-05-06 11:00

Craig's List personals are like CRACK. I'm totally addicted to reading them! Not like I'm looking for a relationship because I'm currently in one right now, but these are fun to read.

But this whole “SWM looking for SWF” is sort of disappointing. I want to say “You're ruling out a great majority of the world by focusing on your own kind!” Sure you're attracted physically to these similar looking sort of peeps, but what makes a woman is not her face or body – both of those we all know so well deteriorate rather easily.

Then again, I'm not actually attracted to Asian men. Whoops. There are a few out there that aren't so bad, but on the whole I haven't been all too impressed. Mind you I've only had 2 hit me up for anything, and I'm sure there could be more, but something about them I didn't agree with. Probably psychological because they either remind me of my father or my brother – or my brother's peers.

And for some reason that's creepy.

What I find attractive is intelligence, a passion in something that can relate back to the human/animal/plant level (ie technology, conservation, travelling, arts), and usually hair. Clean, well maintained, touchable hair is a must. Geekiness is optional, but highly recommended!

Sorry if this comes off sounding like an ad. I'm just having fun.  :)

Also, this is going to sound strange, but I like red haired boys now  :X… must have something to do with volleyball.


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