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Oh, internets

2007-05-13 15:18

I tend to spend a lot of time on the internets. I meet very interesting people through various mediums. I've met some of them in person, I hope to meet most of the OKC guys that stuck around.  :P

Yes, I meet guys online. I'm apparently not such a dweeb when I write serious profiles.  ;)

Unlike the one I made for this site. This site is silly and for me. Go figure.

I hope some guy online out there stumbles on one of my many online whore-age sites and says “Damn. At least she's not scary looking” and has the nerve to say “Hi, your profile is weird.”

Mean to make plenty of guy friends that way.

edit @ 0046 – I've been out of a relationship since Friday. It's all good in the long run.


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