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Meeting guys offline is always an adventure

2007-05-18 12:25

[20:07:17] DG: …..so…..How'd it go?!?
[20:07:18] ** Auto-response sent to DG: Psalm 23.
[20:08:54] Me: HAHA He's fun.
[20:09:04] Me: A little bit crazy looking
[20:09:19] Me: But he seems, uh, entertaining.
[20:10:15] Me: Of course, I think opening up my laptop and making him see that my internet history on wikipedia was “Improvised Weapons” was funny too
[20:10:16] **
Auto-response from DG: Oh the weekend..
[20:10:55] DG: lol
[20:11:23] Me: That and “Intense-Workout.com”
[20:11:39] DG: OH that…fuuuun!
[20:11:43] Me: Yep!
[20:12:04] Me: So he's not bad to talk to. He seemed a little jittery when we first met, but that's probably because I scared him or something
[20:12:27] DG: Yeah maybe he was nervous!
[20:12:35] Me: Now that would be funny.
[20:12:41] Me: So yeah, we talked for about an hour and a half
[20:12:49] Me: And then I went home and he went to his nerdy ICS lab.
[20:12:59] DG: LOL


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