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Music can't save me now

2007-08-27 06:31

“When I don't know what I'm looking for,
when I don't know what I'm living for…”

“Your world doesn't match with mine,
I've got to get over I've got to forget…”

It wasn't like that a day ago, but I

“woke up this morning,
The world turned upside down”

I'll stop doing that. I just have a lot of songs I know of, and sometimes it's flattering to know I do have that. But sometimes, like today, I don't know what I have near me. Everyone I love, or want to love, seems so far away.

And of course, it figures that TODAY I'd be called back for a job interview that they've schedule for TOMORROW. When I've planned to meet someone I haven't seen in a while. _ We'll see what happens.


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