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Carp in Denim

2007-08-28 14:52

I mean Carpe Diem!

Attempted asskicking + nerdy browsing of Circuit City/Best Buy + Stardust + Mexican food + random cruising + Parks + SWINGS! = the coolest welcome home gift ever, Mr. You-Know-Who-You-Are! Sorry I headbutted you.

I'm thinking yeah, man, days like that are awesome. Too bad I'm like Cinderella and have a time limit. Otherwise, I'd be out there stargazing too.

Need more Rabbit in the Moon.

Stardust was amazing. One thing that surprised me was Neil Gaiman had his hands on that! But like all NG stuff, it was well executed. The whole amazing romance in 7 days bothers me, but if NG writes that a star can fall in love in 7 days (even though she's been a stalker all her life), I guess people want it to be possible.

I'd take my time with that sort of thing.

Tired. Running in the morning. Job interview.

Meeting up with DH again! sigh Girl's got time this time. Gotta utilize that.

edit Oy!


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