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The Reason

2007-09-03 02:36

Last night I was listening to the radio and this retarded song came on: “The Reason” by Hoobastank. Back in my high school days oh so long ago I heard it and was disgusted. Now, I hear it and suddenly it's in my head for the rest of the night. I even bought the song just 'cause it was just THERE. Here's the lyrics.

Songs, music, melodies are influential. I change moods easily when I hear songs. I do some sort of instant reflection, and BAM I'm all emo.

I was about to go into this tirade of how songs like these mark some turning point in my life, but unless I'm some sort of Harry Truman and my life has been planned out, I really shouldn't focus on it, right? But pre-breakup was a bunch of sad songs, or songs of renewal. During dating, there was this one song about how I'd love music more than the relationship. A whole lotta coincidences with a lot of the music in my life.

Except I'm not saying goodbye. (In reference to the lyrics)

edit I do need to leave here, though.


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