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2007-09-09 01:57

I apologize to all you good folks out there, I did enjoy Corona Del Mar and meeting you, but there wouldn't have been much to talk about on my end anyway! I love you all, I do. As it was pointed out, “Couples are unsociable.” Or at least geeky ones, which he and I are totally. That and we like exploring.

The beach is fantastic, though. Awfully standardized. But still fantastic.

I hate the word boyfriend, and its counterpart. I don't get it. I don't like it. And yet there's no other term so socially acceptable or sensical. “Other half”? It's cute, but I think I'm pretty whole in myself. “Significant other”? What's with this other business? And every one I care about is significant. “Inamorato”? Quite Italian, and I like it, but most people won't understand.

I have a feeling I'll just end up saying “Yes, he's the one I'm with.”


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