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2007-10-19 14:31

This is just a story of how I feel when I'm with my sister. Sister by tears and time, not necessarily blood.

She makes me realize how important people are. Even though she's got fears and issues and problems and acknowledges that she's far from perfect, she makes me feel that there's just that bit of hope that eventually, we'll all be better for it anyway, if we try to be better.

It's strange to get that sort of inspiration from a person currently being medicated for psychological issues, not that she's like, a psychopath, or anything.

I'm not perfect now, but that doesn't mean I'll stop trying to be better. I just really need the time and space to grow. Currently, I don't think I have much of either. Not that I'm complaining, I love life – it's quirks and annoyances, the issues, the drama, the lucky breaks and the times I spend in my car more focused on the music than driving, even though I'm pretty aware of the cars around me.

For now, and honestly, this is a philosophical guise for an issue that I still have problems dealing with. I know the art currently sucks for the comic. I apologize. There are plenty of reasons and excuses, I can list them out and I'm very, very tempted to since, you know, people (especially me) are defensive.

But honestly, you all know it's not worth talking about. Give me some time, I'll make something that'll impress the fuck out of you AND me.


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