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God, no

2007-10-28 05:50

I'm just going to rant because I have a medium and some sort of voice – about an issue that plagues me and I'm sure plenty of other women and men.

Advertisements/model shoots of skinny people are disgusting. Absolutely revolting. They're the kind of pictures that should be the “Please Help; Send Food” pictures, not the “This is what you should DESIRE”. HOW IS THIS ATTRACTIVE? Her face? Sure, she IS cute, but her face makes up about 10% of what she's really selling: her body. And there's not much of her body to sell at all. Is that what people want? Is that really what people want?

It still affects me in a way that just doesn't make sense. There are a lot of small, cute Asian girls out there – and the models are small, cute and very, very skinny from what I've seen. Not all women are like that – sometimes they can't be with what genetics and habits and access to food and gym/recreation they have. But is that skinny ass model type girl what we should strive for? What we need to be, to be attractive and wanted and lusted after?

Apparently people say yes.

And it's all so wrong.


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