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Not Your Doctor

2008-01-10 18:26

This was just in my head for a while, for some reason. I see it being something Divi can say.

“I’m not your doctor. I’m not your nurse. I’m not going to tell you what’s wrong with you, I’m not going to diagnose the problem. I can give you advice, I can give you sympathy, but where you’re wrong I can only point it out, what I see, what I think, not what I am absolutely sure is happening.

I can’t prescribe anything, and I am NOT a magical cure-all. I will not let you treat me as if I’m anything more than I think I am, can be. I’m a human being, and you will understand that I make mistakes, that I don’t understand everything, especially how to speak the right words in order to placate you.

I don’t have bedside manners. I will say what’s on my mind that I want you to know. My thoughts will have as much meaning as you give it, and I know you’ll take it the wrong way when I throw in my odd humor now and then, to break up the monotony, to make life just a little easier to swallow day and day again.

This world will swallow me up, if I don’t stand on it, take control of what I can. Your problems are the least of my worries, but I will try to help you as I can anyway, because we’re all just fighting to survive, and I know that… I’ll keep you safe if you’ll help me.”

Aaand I’m sleepy.


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