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Growing older never meant growing wiser

2008-01-09 17:46

I just read through an entire archive of a comic that apparently abuses its share of tropes.

I’m entertained by such things. I personally like how people weave together overly complex stories and still make it sort of personal enough to be bearable by people like me. There are plenty of comics like that, I’d have to say if I made one myself I’m pretty sure I’d fall into a few of these bad trope categories.

I guess this means I have more sympathy to the people who write with bad tropes.

I just don’t think it makes the story any worse. Stories are made up of dreams and desires, and sometimes what certain people desire are just the small, ridiculous things that make life a little less serious. Stringing together weeks and weeks of The World’s Going To End is pretty bad, but you can’t deny that it has a certain UMPH to it.

Everyone wants to be a hero. Maybe recognized for their beliefs in what they think is right.

In reference back to a certain conversation made with a certain someone, I will never enjoy horror films. Maybe that’s the point, but I won’t willingly do it unless someone specifically asks for me to be present in the viewing. I just don’t get it. What is there to see that I won’t freak out at? Horror films make you think better or make you more paranoid of the people around you? Think better than your foe to SURVIVE? I’m surviving the best I can with people who are trying to HELP ME. I don’t need to think about people who are only willing to give me more grief than I want. I have enough problems with the people who are trying to alleviate my worries.


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