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2008-01-16 11:32

I will make it clear to anyone who reads this that I really, really hate religion.

Well, maybe not “religion”, since all religions aim to make people better in at least one sense. But at least I hate the people who twist religion and superstition so much that it affects more than themselves. Religion is supposed to be personal. Evangelism is good in limited amounts, but by the time a person is comfortable with the way of life they’re in, I doubt they’re going to be willing to change their views so readily.

I know people who will bend, provided good reason and logic. But there’s no logic in the people who tell me to do something mindless, like CLEAN A GILDED SHRINE for the freaking Buddha (didn’t he say something about MODERATION? Sheesh) because I had car trouble, to prevent such further troubles.

I don’t know about you, but I doubt God, the Buddha, or any deity really cares that personally about if their shrine is sparkling (clean or with gold leaf). I’m sure they care more that you care about them, not the shrine.

I know my parents think that the larger and more extravagant the shrine, the more they think they mean to the Gods and to their religious friends. I’ve been in temples that were nothing but PRETTY. It’s inspiring sometimes, yes, but it’s also very, very gaudy at the same time. I look at life differently, I suppose.

When I walk into a temple, I expect an airy, comfortable place where people aren’t staring down at me like I’m less than acceptable in their eyes. I want symbols, yes, but in subtle ways. I don’t need 10,000 Buddha statues to remind me that my family’s Buddhist. One is enough, and the simplicity in the way he’s presented should remind you more of his words, not “ooh, pretty”.

Religion can be SO shallow sometimes.


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