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A Sign of the Times

2008-02-10 20:14

I had a dream sometime ago when I was in the future about 5 years from now. I was apparently successful, rich, and captivating. I lived on this crazy island where friends had to come to me by helicopter, which I obviously paid for and hired a pilot to go fetch my friends.

An ex-boyfriend (or maybe ex-woulda-been-boyfriend from a long, long time ago) came, and I gave him one of those glompy hugs. He was entirely smitten by my success and physical maturation, so he tried flirting with me and giving me plastic flowers. I said “Thanks”, and then proceeded to snuggle with Jay.

And both of them were pissed that I didn’t clarify my relationship status.

But in my dream I said something along the lines of “Hey! It’s IN MY FACEBOOK.”



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