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2008-02-14 06:29

It’s amazing what some chemical compounds compel we humans to do, to feel. I keep wondering about the physiological evolutionary advantages/disadvantages of having depression. It’s easy to say that depression is actually some kind of disease, where something is malfunctioning and is agitated by environmental factors.

If there was a very, very healthy person faced with daily obstacles, you’d find her being able to deal, able to walk, run away from dangers, fight back. A “less healthy” (‘cause mental health is important for overall health, and depression is never GOOD) trips, gets left behind or just stops and sulks.

It’s sort of like the flu. You won’t enjoy it, you hate the way you’re sick, and sometimes you do things to take care of it, but other times you feel just that shitty that you can’t move at all.

Easy pickings for the predators. Natural selection, maybe? If we weren’t so good at living, we might be superhumans today.

Our we might not be here at all.

But anyway, this is random speculation.



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