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2008-03-16 07:28

I just tweaked the site just a little bit, so that the pages are going to be much, much easier to theme. Yeah, I’m planning on making a new theme sometime soon, because I like playing around with “web design”.

Before, I was using a system where the front page/Citrus sections were one page, the Zest another page, and the About section yet another page. I consolidated the Citrus, Zest, and About pages into one template, using conditional statements, and made a separate front page. I didn’t find a way to make it into one page, but I’ll be working on that.

In other news, not much has actually changed. I just like being a bit tidier in the internal structures you won’t actually see :) I am such a geek.

edit Spoke too soon! There’s now only ONE template for all of the unique sections! YAY CONDITIONALS!



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