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Hardy Heron - Ndiswrapper wireless and Flash!

2008-03-12 14:02

I’ll try the pulseaudio howto next.

What I’m going to post here is probably going to be irrelevant to about 99% of you, but I’m going to put it here in case it ends up being useful to anyone.

My system is a Dell Vostro 1000, AMD64 Athlon X2, and I thought I should utilize all 64 bits that my processor is capable of, so I installed a developmental version of Hardy Heron (alpha 6). And well, it’s pretty cool. I don’t do anything intensive system wise, but why not put all bits to use, right?

Anyway, the first hurdle was that the wireless did NOT work. I dual boot, so I got into my Win XP and looked at this guide, which helped out a lot, but still left me hanging. Eventually, I found a conflict with the module ssb, but as I said in this post, all I needed to do was:

And bam, wireless working, all 11MB/s, which is all my poor router can support.

Getting flash in Firefox 3 (beta 3) working was sort of confusing, but this guy went through all the trouble of making a script that installs it FOR YOU here. It’s pretty amazing. I just chose the Gutsy install with the older flash version, moved the /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins folder to my firefox3beta3 folder, and yay, youtube!

Umm, I guess in the end tweaking systems is much, much simpler than people give credit for.



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