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Goodbye For Now

2008-08-09 21:13

I should really stop posting personal stuff in Avatar. Separate places, separate faces I need to put on.

But I don’t know. It’s 1am, my brother and his wife will be getting up in 3 hours and leaving for the Grand Canyon at 5am, just a minor stopover until their final destination, New York. How long he’ll be staying in the Big Apple, even he doesn’t know. He can’t come home for Christmas, it looks like.

I kinda think I’m up this late to stay up, to see him off.

We said our goodbyes all ready, he didn’t think I should wake up to say goodbye. I held up better than he did, I think. He’s got the longest journey ahead of him.

And I’m just the selfish little sister that wants him to stay. But I know better that to say that to him.

At least his wife will be there. And at least I know he’s only 3 timezones away.



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