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Art Deco

2008-09-23 17:54

My favorite art period is Art Deco. I have no idea why, maybe something about the 1930s to 1940s (other than war and depression) was pretty awesome, stylistically.

That was inspired by a dream I had. I know I’ve been working on Avatar too long when I start having weird ass dreams about it. It was pre WWII, some of the Avatar peeps and I were at some wedding, and bombs started dropping on us. The rest is equally disturbing…

But I had a pretty dress on.

This image was originally for Divi, but I feel like I’ve been making too many Divi pictures, and you don’t even know what she does! Which is fine. So here’s Alexandra, who looks pretty much exactly like Divi. I only really have one base for all my important characters: kinda stocky, tanned skin, long hair. That all important mole. What sets each woman apart from the others is the color scheme. Divi has white/gray/blue. Here, Alexandra has orange/red/black.



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