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2008-10-16 10:36

I keep forgetting how easily I sweat. I spend 2 minutes in the sun carrying what seems to be a 35lb backpack, and by the time I take the backpack off there are two distinct sweat lines on my shirt from where the straps pushed back.

It’s kind of embarassing, but I guess it’s one of my unique functions. I sweat a lot. And drink way too little water.

I’m carrying 35lbs today because I bought two books. One for my best friend, since she asked, and one for me, because I tend to buy things when I’m feeling kind of like shit. I clean and I buy, typical American woman style. Or maybe Asian American. I clean and I buy for me.

I clean. This morning I woke up and decided I needed to scrub down my bathroom. It’s never too dirty, but I decided to scrub things down, just today. It’s kind of my way of getting rid of negative energy, to clean things and make it look new. I did the dishes. I know, I know, not exciting, and probably expected of me anyway.

I buy. Getting a book for Erin was on my to do list for some time. I finally did it today. A woman, who I didn’t realize was actually another customer and not a store worker, talked to me about the plot of the book, since I told her I was picking it up for a friend. This lead into a rather nice conversation and lead to my purchase of another book, since I felt kind of bad and needed to think about something else.

At least it was a recommended book. The Hunger Games, I’ll see how good it is.



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