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One Piece

2009-03-01 16:29

I started reading One Piece some time ago. I’m up to the 533rd chapter.

It is like crack.

And of course, I have some theories that are probably totally unsupported at this time, but I gotta get it written out somewhere before I forget about it.

Let’s see, I’m all about romance, and although there ISN’T any romance in this manga at all, I still find ways to formulate connections.

Even though this is totally unsupported and totally subjective because I had a dream about this, I think Zoro and Nami would be cute together.

HOWEVER, I think Zoro would end up with that Marine Sword Chick that looks like the girl who died in his sword training camp thing. I mean, c’mon, if you make an emotional outburst, make a rushed promise, and then keep it for 15 years she’s obviously got an imprint on his mind. And honestly, she makes him act different. I think she’s the only one who does o_o (I think she’s the only one he ran away from because he was embarrassed/surprised – he’s a handsome fellow, hasn’t yet been perturbed by any pretty female — for real — and focuses on becoming the best swordsman in the world for the girl who died. And I really think it’s the Marine Sword Chick – the mangaka will explain it somehow.)

So who does Nami have? I think it’s Sanji. There are at least some solid hints Nami likes Sanji – when he wouldn’t hurt the C9 woman who turned people into soap, Nami “gave him points” for that, even though she said he was an idiot for getting hurt. I don’t need to explain Sanji much, he likes EVERY pretty woman and Nami’s been around the longest – and is the most accessible, ha.

Usopp ends up with the sick-but-now-is-a-doctor chick that gave the crew the Going Merry (sad, sad passage about the GM). I don’t know about Franky. Chopper is a reindeer. No clue about Nico Robin, even though I think she’s my favorite character. Oh, and I think the Amazonian Princess in love with Luffy is actually going to fall for Ace. Don’t ask me how. Luffy’s not a very good candidate for any girl…

Except maybe Princess Vivi. Wouldn’t THAT be grand? The Pirate King and the Princess of a pacifist nation :D

Also, I have finally finished some Harry Potter© fanart after 2 years o_o

Fanart - Bellatrix Lestrange and Luna Lovegood



  1. About Nami… when you say ‘solid hints’, are you guessing that they’re hints, or are they officially supposed to be pointers that Nami likes Sanji?

    Debujin · 2009-04-01 08:03 · #

  2. Well, being just a fan, they amount to nothing more than hints, nothing official. I say “solid” because they’re memorable moments out of the non-romance that is One Piece :)

    Lani · 2009-04-01 09:46 · #

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