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2007-04-29 08:45

I'm pretty happy that I got a sweet deal on a 2gig SD card for my camera. :) I can take up to 1457(ish) 8-megapixel pictures! And since I'm going to England this summer crosses fingers, knocks on wood I'm going to snap until the batteries run out or until space runs out. It's going to be fucking sweet  :D

There'll probably be a few pictures of me being drunk :yuck: :vodka: , what can you expect when the drinking age over there is 18, and I'm well beyond it?  :P

Things are OK on the personal front. I'm a little hazy, like the weather, on what I want to do, but I'm assuming most people are.

I know my grammar sucks, but I have at least 6 stories in my head I'd love to write out sometime. Just for my personal benefit, and if someone says “Hey, that'd be cool for the rest of us to read”, then I might publish. I'll polish my grammar, I'm just too lazy now to really care. And this is a blog! It's amazing that I'm even putting in the effort to spell correctly.

On a side note, why is it that a lot of guys around me can't spell? :blank:


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