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Not the Scientist

2007-05-29 15:07

Well, lab reports, when done right, are done pretty quickly.

But here I am, not doing my lab report because I don't want to. There's just something that rubs me the wrong way about lab. And most scientists face a lot of lab time.

I'm not fond of it, but I guess I have to deal. There's nothing else so interesting in this world as biology. Just look at the trees!

I mean, unless I get to do a fun job like tracking down people with genetic anomalies (and therefore MUTANT POWERS), I'll just be chasing lions. Thanks.

On a lighter note, AIM convos can turn really strange.

[22:54:28] Me: Stupid physiology!
[22:54:34] CG: stupid women!
[22:54:46] Me: Um, yeah, stupid guys!
[22:54:52] CG: heyy
[22:54:59] Me: I have nothing against guys, actually.
[22:55:10] Me: Except a personal vendetta to take every one of you down.
[22:55:16] CG: …
[22:55:24] CG: yeah i moved
[22:55:25] CG: sorry
[22:55:32] CG: shoulda told ya
[22:55:38] Me: We'll see what your landlord says about that.
[22:55:48] CG: have i ever told you im madly in love with you?
[22:56:06] Me: Have I ever told you I want to shank everyone with my multitude of pens?
[22:56:24] CG: ill cook for you
[22:56:39] Me: I'll give you my special pen, then.
[22:56:59] CG: well gee
[22:57:01] CG: im going to die huh?
[22:57:06] Me: Slowly!


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