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You've Got This Strange Effect On Me

2007-06-09 12:29

And I like it!

Guess who's been listening to Hooverphonic! :headphones: ♥

Buckling down on finals week. And it's a pain in the ass. As well as my neck. And I'm physically suffering stress through the forms of headaches and lack of energy, though that could be caused by too much food and lack of exercise :dead:

I don't usually have coffee. I usually get watered down creamer with sugar and ground, roasted bean. Mmm.

Battlestar Galactica is good! Jay and I are watching it. We're also watching Firefly together, so it's all good :D Better than moping about it. Next on the list of Stuff-To-Do (besides the Avatar comic) is Paranoia Agent. Yay revisiting good shows!

I have to finish up molecular biology and chemistry this weekend. :ouch: I'll start on Neuro tomorrow.


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