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The Inferno

2007-06-19 06:48

It's hot today in California.

And I'm reading Dante's Inferno. It got me wondering if in a simplified view of hell and heaven, where the plane between the two is actually this smallish region called Earth… would hell ever explode because there were too many people? If hell was essentially underneath our feet with the lava-y fire and brimstone, it would be able to comfortably hold roughly 3,431,409,193,751,696,086,957 people. I get bored easy and do weird calculations, thanks.

What if there were too many people going to hell?

I imagine a workaround. I'm pretty sure if it gets stuffy in there, people will be shrunk just a little bit to add that extra person in. Enough so that hell doesn't go bursting out, but not so much that people actually get comfy again. As more and more people are added, people keep shrinking and shrinking and are reminded that they are becoming insignificant – a fear to a lot of people, no? – until they reach sub atomic levels. That's a whole lotta sinners. After that I'm pretty sure people do some weird fusion thingie.

Yes, I'm ignoring gravity. Gravity is overrated.

And about heaven, well, if it's the part above us, heaven's a pretty awesome playground. It's… INFINITE. Or at least 700,000,000,000,000 light years across (per side?), last I remember. That's pretty effin' big. I don't think I can do calculations on that one, but the number probably approaches infinity.

I don't know if there IS a heaven or a hell. But it's fun to think about.

I'm going to England tomorrow. Don't know if it'll be a heaven ('cause EUROPE OMG :cute:) or hell (physics :grr:). Either way I'm still pretty Earthbound.


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