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Give Me A Chance To Hold On

2007-06-25 07:49

8 hours later it's nearly 4pm in LA. HAHAHAHA You have to catch up to me! I flew into the future!

I think I'm in love with the kind of person my guides are. They love their jobs, they love learning about new people, new views, new styles – and they love talking about how they view things, how they deal with life, how different things really are. While still being really proud of who they are, where they came from, why they do things.

Ok, the accents are superbly sexy, too.

And one thing's for sure, they are all super sweet. They're willing to be patient, they're willing to lend a hand, let you finish your drink, lead you the RIGHT way, keep their minds on getting off at the right stop while still actually LISTENING to what we American Imports are trying to say.

And they're really good with phrasing things. I'm sure it comes naturally with the sort of practice they've had with their job, but on the same hand they do actually know what they want to ask and what they want to defend.

My guide Chaz is so quirky cute that I want to hug him and put my head on his shoulders. He's sort of scrawny, but that's quite all right. It would be really wonderful if I met the perfect man for me in this oh so sunny part of England. But I have to leave in 8 weeks. Not much for romance there. It's just so wonderously… right, being so far from home. Maybe it's the wanderlust. Maybe the perfect man is another wannabe traveler. And maybe it's just not the right time for love, and I'll meet someone who wants to settle down in Southern California, raise up children in a comfortable neighborhood and teach me and our children (should we have any) just how wonderful having an actual home is.

Whatever comes, I hope I'll have open arms. And right now, my mind is slowly succumbing to the idea that everything is wonderful, even if it's painful trying to get a grasp on my dreams and desires.

I will get what I will get. And I will at least try to be happy with it. I will be overjoyed to get anything at all.


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