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It's 4pm in England

2007-06-25 00:37

And it's just about as dark as 7pm in California. Why? Rain. IN THE SOUTH? Then again, it is still England.

While there's no reason to go out, I really should  :(. It's pretty depressing inside, and the clouds are moving faster than I am. I gotta warm up somehow, but the gym membership opens tomorrow. I could go outside and run, but again, it's fucking raining. I don't think I'm homesick, but if this was my home, I'd be sick. I just miss all my friends, that aren't here, and those that are here are pretty much suffering too.

I start school school tomorrow. I moved in yesterday, there are flickr and picasa photo albums online 'cause I'm easy (and cheap) like that.

I think it's time to dress up and start heading out!


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