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Sexy Librarian

2007-07-17 00:59

I'm going to see the play Twelfth Night in about 15 minutes. I tried to dress up, people dress up to go to plays, right? Even if it is a comedy? It's Shakespeare in England…! I'd dress up. Geez.

I think one of my friends will be going there. I hope she is, because I dressed up like a sexy librarian. Except I've got chunky legs.  :( Yes, this sentence makes no sense, but Goddamn it, I'd make a damn sexy librarian. And I am hoping my friend dresses up cute too.

I've drawn a couple of things. I'll be posting them online sometime later.

By the way, Antonio totally got left behind. Why couldn't Viola and Antonio hook up? I mean, if Viola and Sebastian really looked all that alike, and Antonio was in love with Sebastian, wouldn't he and Viola sort of make a good couple? The twins act like twins…

And I'm not so fond of the Duke. Olivia seems all right, and I love Maria, but the play is pretty weak in comedy overall. Still, though, one of my favorite plays.

But nothing can beat Midsummer Night's Dream. Nothing. :yummy:


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