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Deathly Hallows.

2007-07-23 03:14

I finished the seventh book. I have OFFICIALLY stopped being a Potter fan.

I don't mean like it's a happy goodbye or anything, I mean to say I am DISGUSTED.

I suppose JKR did an ending as well as she could… and it's not enough for me.

EDIT 2118 GMT. Okay, well, I'm really rather surprised JKR had either enough balls to print such a wonderful masterpiece or enough nerve to focus on just her younger readers. Either way, the ending seemed super fake and it is now to be ignored by me. I loved most of the book up until the epilogue.

And yes, I know it exists. I won't disprove its validity. But to me, it is so entirely worthless that it's not funny.

I probably won't draw Harry Potter fanart anymore. I am SO anxious to get to work on Avatar.

It's about time that my childhood ends with the realization that cutesy happy endings come with the consequence of being entirely imaginary.


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