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2007-07-23 05:23

I will become a lean, mean, knitting machine. I am in love again with my non-blood sister's mother's gift of an orange scarf. And why the fuck aren't there any Harry Potter merchandise stores in London or Brighton? I know this goes against what I said about being a non-HP fan, but I want a fucking RAVENCLAW scarf. This goes beyond the books – I want to represent the Ravenclaw house. The meaning of that house means more to me than what happens to the characters in that book.

Of course, I want to be the coffee-flavored Luna Lovegood, as Loony as she may be.

I've always been compared to coffee. I have “espresso” colored hair. I have “mocha” skin. I can be warm and bitter at the same time. But at least I have flavor.


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