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Sexy Back

2007-07-30 00:41

It's really great what a good night's rest can do for confidence. I went to London (again), Oxford and Cambridge this weekend. Why is there so much pretty in so much history? People don't see quality like that nowadays, which is sad because these old buildings are not only still standing, but are absolutely gorgeous. :shock:

Pictures coming up soon. :cute:

I'm talking to Spam again. Sort of. Messaging through facebook is sort of awkward, but at least there's one medium we can talk through. This whole ex-girlfriend thing doesn't register in my mind anymore. I'm a girl who grew up just a bit more. I'm a girl who knows there's so much more in life than to waste lamenting over past relationships. I'm a girl who knows she can find even awesomer people.

And I'm not even twenty.  :P

Oh, and flavored waters are awesome. So far my favorite is peach flavored water.


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