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You Could Stay Here

2007-08-04 07:51

I love Lamb. The band. The animal. But especially the band. The lyrics, the chaos, the dreams, the sadness, the revival of hope. Even though they're gone, they still are a large part of the music I want to be identified by. I want my life to be a Lamb album. Preferably the first album.

Though it's a pretty silly concept, being identified by musical preferences. And to have a life that's only 60 minutes long.

I'm a bit sick. :grumpy: Sore throat, though someone super nice gave me some medicine  :) I have a midterm come Monday, though, so this whole “no stressing, get rest” thing goes out the window.

It's hard to take an adventure if I can't take that first risk of having one, right? I don't know what's with me, I play it too cautious. And maybe let chances slip by like that.

Sometimes I think I couldn't be vague enough.


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