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2007-08-01 05:37

I deleted my Harry Potter fanart WIP out of spite. Because the ending sucked that badly. But now that I think about it, it was awfully childish and pretty much along the same level of sanity as “I'LL STAB JKR FOR THIS.”

I'll do it over, it's not much of a problem if I have like, 4 different files of it for the different stages. I'm forgetful and vengeful sometimes, and I know it, so I keep backups. And yes, it DOES sound like I have a complicated art uh… process, but it's because I have to keep switching programs. Artrage doesn't do everything and the GIMP is sort of set up strangely, and I don't want to pirate Photoshop because I'm behind a school proxy right now >_>

But of course I wouldn't pirate photoshop because it's illegal too! Silly Swedes.

I'm also working on redesigning this site. Working on meaning I have to decide if I want to redesign or not. I keep saying back in piece work that I'll update… and that's been up there for about… 2 years. :dead:

I don't know. England is a pretty good distraction. LIFE is a pretty good distraction. As much as I am a computer nerd/geek, I enjoy sunshine and have a healthy tan.

You can't get UV rays with LCDs, man. I think.


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