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Health Terrorist

2007-08-08 16:18

DG's got a picture of a “Wind Terrorist” that's a picture of the hurricane hitting the states. So what is a Health Terrorist, ladies and gentlemen? It is I, a freaking biological weapon of snot and influenza.

Except not so much anymore. I probably slept (or at least rested) for 16 hours, putting away trifles as physics homework and lab reports. People said to me “Hope you feel better!” and a super nice girl gave me Aleve©! A combination of a super long sleep, liters of water, people well wishing and even willing me to get better got me to this state: able to breathe through my nose.

I'm still warm and a bit stuffy, but at least that's better than coughing and draining snot through every PORE of my head, WHILE going moderately insane due to not being able to hear soft noises.

I cannot tell you how much I love music. I've been playing the same playlist of iiO over and over, because the songs are beautiful and make me think of better things.

I'll see if I can put up a particular song. “Formula Pop Radio” sounds like a good mix, right?


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