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Back from Holland!

2007-08-13 02:45

Apparently Holland is a province in the Netherlands and Amsterdam is that province's capital.

Go figure, DG and I were so confused. :dead:

It was pretty fun, I guess. The legal cannabis coffeeshops gave me headaches. But the cheese and clogs, and the little villages where people are nice and usually able to enjoy themselves – that was pretty chill.

Everywhere else, where there's rush rush rush to finish stuff, and forget the little things, and forget the little things with a big help from a hallucinogenic rolled up grass and paper and lots of expensive food. Good food, but expensive food. :ouch:

But in the small villages there was nothing to do. There were pretty canals and all this beautiful flowers and green, but nothing stimulating.

It's so sad being a California girl. Once I realized I can't be satisfied with the simple life, I can't imagine what I'd really need to have.


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