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2007-09-29 06:21

Aaaaand I'm back! That wasn't so hard, I guess >_>

I just need to reinstall my smilies and it's all good!  :D

I was also reminiscing about my prom 2005. I wasn't really dating per se, but it felt like I had something going (in terms of a mutual crush relationship  :P ). My friend KC was with me, (it turned out to be a rather large group, actually), and she motioned towards one of the guys to open the door for the Ladies.

Whaddaya know. Not had a heartbeat passed before I said “Fuck it” and opened the door myself.

People found it hilarious. “I open my own doors,” I mentioned through the giggles.

There's polite, then there's practical. Guess which side wins out in me  :D


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