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The Girls

2007-10-01 02:21

Notice how I've made a category for “The Girls” and haven't used it much yet.

The funny thing is, I've talked less to girls than I have to random (and not so random) guys. The girls are doing all right. I think I'm going to stop using random initials for people, no one else but me understands them. (oops) However, I've just finally gotten updated with KittyCat's life. There's such drama in other people's lives that it sometimes makes me glad I've been sheltered (or rather, caged). I never want to know the heartbreak of being cheated on. Serah is doing better, or so I think. It's nice to be able to go to her again, it's been a long while since I've felt comfortable. LakerGirl… I haven't seen since the “beach party”, in which Jay and I sort of abandoned everyone else. >_>

I've also met another girl, who I'll call DevCell. I apparently have a job through her. I have to compile and make workarounds for linux programs that are outdated/poorly written.

I'm not much of a coder. X(


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