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2007-10-05 14:38

This is just what's on my mind. Take it as you will, I just want to get these words out.

I love you. I thought I was broken, I thought because I was broken I couldn't be damaged. But I still have nerve endings, this Claire type regenerist healer, and underneath the scar tissue is still the memory of how I got burned, how I got cut, and still the pain. It never gets old, the pain, it's just there, and sometimes you're salve, but salve only lasts so long and it disintegrates when I'm no longer with you.

I'm just disgusting sometimes. I feel that way. I know in reality I'm better, I'm a perfectly functional human being, I'm this lovely piece of humanity wrapped up in what some people think a very wonderful coffee colored shell.

But I'm still scarred. And those burns don't go away easily.


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