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2007-10-04 05:49

I know I complain a lot about my family. But it's taken some pretty strange circumstances for my family to be where we are: relatively well off, in the US (meaning not HERE), living out our mundane lives.

I appreciate a lot of what fate has given me. Fate, God, both, it doesn't really matter, I'm thankful for what I have, even though I complain.

Let's see. A quick rundown of the strange circumstances. Father was doing well off in Burma with his own clinic, a friend of his told him to leave quickly because “something bad was going to happen”. He applied for the UN Volunteer services February 28th, 1985, and on March 2nd 1985 the Geneva Convention decided to stop accepting applications from my parent's homeland.

They stopped it for years after that.

The next year in 1986 my dad got into Micronesia's hospital system, where the medical director of Kosrae specifically wanted someone from Burma. The medical director had a high appreciation for the Burmese, because he had met a Burmese woman who taught him how to meditate.

I don't know about you, but there's just something really, really coincidental about that! If that hadn't happened the way it did, where would my family be?


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